30 December 2020

The quickest way to get an Alpaca hat

Alpaca is one of the finest and most luxurious fibres in the world. It is known for its softness, superior warmth, lightweightedness and durability. It won't form pellets and will last much longer than synthetic fibres. I started to knit with Alpaca wool recently and I did not expect how lovely it could be.

I can just say "here is my design" and that's it. Only I know how much effort is hidden in these words.

Making swaches, stitch by stitch, washing and drying it to see how fluffy the yarn is, a lot of fibers had wool-like softness. I patiently waited for two days to let it dry.
But the lovely dried swach sometimes isn't suitable for a hat design: it's wider or more narow than I expected and I can not include four and a half repeats around a head. It needs to be four or five. But five, let's say, flower pattern repeats make a hat wider than needed and four repeats make it too narrow... So I probably need to remake the flower pattern and try to make a new swach. And wash it, and let it dry again... Anyway, I like the proccess!

Ok, what can I knit with Alpaca wool? - Winter stuff.
What do my potential customers look like? Gender, age, location, interests and so on.
They could easily be from any country worldwide thanks to the wonders of the internet, but they could also be people with Irish roots living abroad.

What I know for sure, however, is that they like to keep themself cosy wherever they go, whether that is skiing (and other outdoor activities) or simply going to their local grocery store. A hat made with Alpaca wool is a brilliant solution for that.
I go through all steps described above and I produce luxury alpaca handmade hats designed in Ireland. You will find examples of them below.

And they're available at My Etsy store. I carry 19-24 inches sizes.

Sincerely yours,

27 November 2020

Slouch beanie for men Fair isle witer alpaca hat

 Here the blank sheet of paper of my blog, I did not add any post for a while. So, let's start my story what happened with me since this time. I am sure that everyone has they own story, let's read my one if you interested. At November 2020 I can say: our live is changed. I would be never ever think this way in the Spring 2020.

Ok, lads, a bit earlier, in February 2020 I had a flight to Italy where I got 9 kiloes of lovely wool. A bit later on I was thinking: why I did not attend Venecia which was so close? And I've decided to back to Italy again to enjoy by it's beuaty...

But world is changed very dramatically. I still have not a chance to travel to Italy but I got a chance to stay home and knit, and knit, and knit! I would be never expected to get such luck!

This is my first design made since this Spring, I've made it in two color ways and very enjoy by it. 

These two lovely hats were hand knitted with 100% Alpaca wool, they are available at my Etsy shop in six sizes.

Which color way is better for you? Thank you in advance for the respond.


Sincerely yours,

12 May 2020

Summer cotton hat for women design #505

I recently started to маке summer hats by my own design. Actually, I marked this design like #505 as it brings me 505th sale at my Etsy shop . Being creative person, I tested the 505th hat Design with different color cotton yarn: antique rose pink, coal grey, light gray, off white,  taupe and brown ones. From my point of view the coal grey hat color is trendy now, as well as pink hats are very askable by my customers. Lots of people are like off white and brown color cotton summer hats as well.

I added lovely an edge to it which matched to the hat pattern.
I carry sizes 18" - 23".

ok, lads, please see it below

I would like to skip some steps how did I do my design, i.e. sketch, crocheting, adjusting the sketch, back to crochet again, every step was noted, testing, waiting for nice weather to be able to take a picture, taking it (hooray!), adjusting of photos and finally publishing it at my Etsy shop. 

This update added later on. I really like this hat and my customers ordered some ones more in different colors, have a look. I have been posting it to customers using quick courier service.
Here one of reviews I got recently, I was pleasure to read it at my Etsy shop

8 April 2020

Stay at home crochet projects

Hi everybody who read this. I did not post anything for a while since February. Yes, I was making some designs and published it, it's my regular work I love very much. The situation is changed quickly and dramatically. I mean COVID 19 spreaded over the world.
I concerned about the situation like you do.

My mornings start from reading virus' updates and it's just not only my curiosity.
Then after having breakfast I go to my workroom and continue my current crochet project. It's really my STAY AT HOME PROJECT. What kind of benefit for me is? I work on the project which I like to make, I feel relax during uncertain times and when these times will be finished I will probably improve my skills and make some gifts for someone special ( which is not too bad).

Due to virus Irish Post suspended delivery to majority of countries with impacted on my business. At the moment I can not post my women's crochet hats. But the good news is I have 49 crochet dress / top / plus size patterns and 23 women's hat patterns. All these patterns are suitable for a STAY AT HOME PROJECT and it became more attractable recent days.

You are welcome to get 40%off all crochet patterns!
Link to my Easy patterns Shop

22 February 2020

Summer hat Design #42

I recently started to think of a summer hat designs. For me it was like to create the new bicycle: it's well known and how to create something completely new one to surprise buyers? 

Some people put on a hat at spring time and a cotton yarn and a linen ones are brilliant for it. I got lovely mercerized cotton yarn in different colors as far as a linen one.

I would like to skip some steps how did I do my design, i.e. sketch, crocheting, adjusting the sketch, back to crochet again, every step was noted, testing, waiting for nice weather to be able to take a picture, taking it (hooray!), adjusting of photos and finally publishing it at my Etsy shop. 

I presume that my buyers would be interested in different hat sizes as in different colors (off-white, light pink, silver grey, taupe, dark grey, beige, blue, mustard and brown). I will be happy to cover all these needs.

The hat is available here 

28 December 2019

It's just a lovely cloche hat new design

I recently created the new cloche design. I finished the work after Christmas time when people more active then they usually do, so it would be little complicated  to access how the design is. 

If you like it, do not hesitate to to express your opinion using the link below and to favourite it, thank you.

The pattern is not ready yet, but the hat is available at my Etsy shop