4 December 2014

Two candle holder Parrerns / Get presents ready for Christmas

This year I am well prepared for Christmas. How come? I made few Star Candle holders for myself. One shape I chosen is a star.  
I thought that somebody might want to crochet it by themselves. The only thing he/she needs is the pattern. The Pattern includes step-by-step written description: how to crochet the Candle holder. I added a chart to make fun crochet for you.
I made it with my favourite YarArt Tulip red colour. You can crochet it with white and red colours as pictured above. 

The second Pattern I made looks like a Daisy. Link Daisy Candle Holder Pattern

Both of these patterns were tested carefully by me numerous times so I presume there are no mistakes on them. Happy crocheting!

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