19 April 2019

Irish crochet top pattern

Do you have a hobby like I do?

I fell in love in Irish crochet ten years ago. Is it complicated? Yes and no at the same time. All the process can be divided into steps like I did. I crocheted poppy flowers and buds, leaves, stalks, butterflies and shamrocks. Than I placed all stuff by the way I liked making a design and worked a background net between motifs.

I made notes on the go so it allows me to make a pattern of this lovely top thereafter. Now it's easy to follow the pattern as it includes 14 color easy readable charts and clear written descriptions for each motif:
3 kind of poppies,
3 sizes of leaves,
a shamrock,
a spike,
a butterfly,
a ring,
two layer's flower and
a background net template.

The assembly instructions and Front top sketch and Back top sketch added will help you to place all motifs as whole design.

The video tutorial link included on how to crochet a background netting https://www.facebook.com/EasyPatterns/videos/1579482845489424/?hc_location=ufi 



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