28 March 2015

How to decorate a denim jacket

Do you like Irish Crochet like I do? If yes, then this pattern for you. My inspiration for this piece was the beautiful view created by the cherry blossom outside my window. I just had to capture its bliss!

For the last week I was working on this project. The pattern includes a step-by-step written descriptions on how to crochet the Cherry blossom branch Lace. I added charts and a link to a video tutorial for your convenience.

Sometimes people told me about they are not familiar with background netting when they work Irish Crochet pieces. Here the link would be suitable for you How to make background netting

Moreover, the net template is added to the updated pattern.

 The finished lace зapplique would decorate your denim jacket or a dress pocket. It is up to you. 

You can use another fine yarn / thread with a similar yardage. I got a lots of pleasure from working on this Irish Lace piece.
Happy crocheting! The link to pattern at my Craftsy shop  or at my Ravelry shop

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